What do my students see within Homework Space?

The following video outlines what your students will see when using Homework Space:

Students should log in to www.folenshive.ie with the login details provided to us for their access.

Upon login, students should click or tap on the Assignments button to see what assignments are due for them to complete.

If your students are 'locked' out of an activity- it has not been set for them. They should click on the Assignments button to access what has been assigned to them:


Note- students need to ensure that they click on the mceclip0.png button after selecting each chosen answer.

Please note that Homework Space is currently only supported for students at www.folenshive.ie via an internet browser- it will not appear in the FolensHIVE app for students.

Do let us know if you have any further questions at all (here).

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