How to set work for your students in Homework Space

To set homework for your students, simple open the course for which you are assigning them work, e.g. 'Homework Space JC French'.


Here you can click or tap the Assign Activity button to activate assignment-setting mode.


To choose specific ready-made-assignments to set for your students:

Step 1 Tick the boxes corresponding to the activity/activities that you wish to set for your students.
Step 2

You can choose to set this assignment for full class(es) or individual student(s). Click or tap Choose Classes/Choose Students to select these.

(Note- 'Groups' functionality is coming soon.)

Step 3 You can then set the from and due dates for this assignment to be available within for your students (or you can leave this open-ended).

When you are finished, click or tap the + Assign button to send this assignment to your students.

That's it! A message will then confirm that the assignment has been sent to your students. For information on how to track your students' progress, click here. This support article shows what your students will see.

Currently, each activity can only be assigned to a student once.

As always, let us know if you have any further questions by contacting us here.

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