How to I check my students' progress in Homework Space?

After setting at least one assignment for your students to complete, you can easily check their progress. To do this, under Assignments, click/tap Manage Assignments.


This will bring you to your Manage Assignments page, showing all of your previously set assignments. Here, you can see the title of the activity that was set for your students, the class it was assigned to, assignment dates and more.

To view a particular assigned activity, click or tap the activity title.


You may see various activities - use the Search by Activity Title (mceclip0.png) search-bar to search by the activity name- e.g. "scientific method" as above.


You can then scroll down and click or tap on Compare Student Responses to see how your students got on.

You will then see your students' names, which of them have completed the assignment, and whether they got a question correct, incorrect or partially correct (for multi-part questions).


Scroll down to see the students' average scores. You also have the option to Export to Excel if you wish.



You can also click on the 'Submitted' tab, then the 'Submittedbutton, at the bottom of your screen, to see exactly how your students did on each question:





This video shows what you students see when completing assignments within Homework Space.

We will of course be happy to hear what you think of Homework Space- feel free to provide any feedback (or questions) in relation to the above here.

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