How to find Starlight or Explorers SESE resources

1. Go to

2. Type 'Starlight' or 'Explorers SESE' into the search bar. Press Enter or click/tap the search button.


3. Click the star icon to add this resource to My Favourites on your home page.


4. Click Home to return to your homepage.


5. Your programme resources now appear in the My Favourites section. Click on the link to open.


6. You will then be presented with the Starlight/Explorers SESE resources your school is using or has purchased. Don't be afraid to use the filter buttons to find specific resources that you need.

Feel free to give us a call at (01) 413 7200 or submit a support request if you have any questions.

To ensure fully up-to-date access to the Folens programmes and resources your school is using we ask for school booklists to be submitted to us on an annual basis. These can be submitted here.

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