How can I share FolensOnline activities & eBooks to my students?

Please note- parents and students need to be logged into their own FolensOnline Teacher account to access resources. A guide on how parents can register can be found here.

FolensOnline is first and foremost a top-of class teaching platform, designed for teachers to teach using a whole host of vibrant Folens eBooks and resources. With parents logged into FolensOnline at home during the school closure, we recommend directing them to some of the fantastic resources we have available.

You may wish to share a link or URL to parents or students. Whilst FolensOnline is not strictly designed to support this- it should work in most cases. Simply copy this link and share it via your chosen medium:

  • Google ClassroomSeesaw and Edmodo (and many more): Simply copy and past the link of your choice into the platform that you are using to share it with parents or students. Note- if the link does not 'preview' within the service you are using- it should still be click-able for parents/students.

  • Word documents may not always work due to Word's in-built security around sharing external links, and as such, if you are sharing items in this way, you may wish to save the document as a PDF and share this file.

Our support is limited to FolensOnline, but we are happy to help you as much as possible. You can contact us here with any feedback or questions.

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