Using BuildUp

BuildUp is designed to be used by students both at home and in school. Once your students are up-and-running, they can log on to from any compatible internet-connected device. System requirements can be found here.

As a teacher, when you log in for the first time, you are presented with your teacher dashboard:


Live Class:

Monitor your class through BuildUp’s unique Live Classroom. This will show you who is working in class at any given moment in time.


Set and track homework & revision: work is automatically corrected and graded once you choose the area students should work on.

Preview Content:

Look at student questions & content, quickly view the style of questions your students see, to help you plan and prepare what they will do.

View Reports:

Review course progress on a class or individual basis, and generate student report cards - useful for parent-teacher meetings.


As always, we are more than welcome to offer BuildUp Digital Teacher training. For any queries, or to book this, please contact us here or give us a call on 087 050 1942 or (01) 413 7200.

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