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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if students have limited access to technology in school or at home?

Create longer term assignments for your students so that they can find the opportunity to complete the work within the allocated time.

What if my class is particularly weak?

Some teachers use a projector to walk-through concepts with their students in class before assigning the same concept for their students to complete outside of class.

What do I do if the system crashes?

Refreshing the page will fix most issues. Student progress automatically saves question by question so none of your students work will be lost.

How do I communicate progress to students or parents?

You can print report cards for all of the students in your class from the Reports section.

How many questions are on BuildUp?

The questions on BuildUp are variabilised, meaning that there are millions of questions, set, corrected and graded; adapting to your students’ needs.

If I use BuildUp in school, how do I know that students are working rather than browsing the web?

The Live Class tool will show you whether a student is working or not.

System Requirements

BuildUp is designed to be compatible on as many devices and setups as possible as is available in Irish schools. All that is required is a modern web browser with an internet connection.

Hardware requirements:

  • 1 device per student
    • Windows laptop, netbook or tablet (Windows 7 and above)
    • Apple laptop or iPad (iOS 8 or later)
    • Android tablet
    • Suitable phone
  • Internet connectivity through WiFi or otherwise

Compatible browsers (Click on the options to download):

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