Teacher Quick Start Guide

Step 1

Go to www.buildup.ie and click or tap Log in.

If you don't have an account, click/tap Sign up, select Teacher and enter the required details.

The school's unique Licence Key can be requested by clicking/tapping the blue Help (?) button at the bottom of the page, then clicking/tapping Live Chat, where you can chat to Folens Customer Support.


Step 2

Click/tap Create New Classroom when you first sign in OR create a classroom at any time by clicking/tapping Options on the teacher homepage once signed in.


Step 3

Provide your students with 3 pieces of information so they can join your class:

Enrol Code - The student enrol code is in the top left corner of your new classroom.

Username - Choose a standard format, e.g. firstname.lastname or maybe their school email address.

Password - Something memorable or a password they use already.

Ensure students write their username and password in their diary or the Student Guides provided so they can register in school or at home and log in in future.


Download a printable version of this teacher guide.

Please also find a printable Student Quick Start Guide at this link. Feel free to request more of these here.

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