How to redeem your free eBooks

Folens are delighted to offer free eBooks for our 2016-2017 range of titles. These books include:

  1. Get Started! - JC Business
  2. Essential Science - JC Science
  3. Active Maths 4 2016 Edition Books 1 & 2 - LC HL Maths
  4. Horizons 2016 Editions Books 1,2 & 3 - LC Geography
  5. Aprendemos - JC Spanish
  6. Bienvenue en France 1 4th Edition - JC French
  7. Active Maths 3 2nd Edition only - LC OL Maths
  8. Make a Difference 4th Edition - JC CPSE
  9. My Life 1 - JC SPHE

In order for you to redeem your free eBook, please follow the steps as outlined below:

  1. Go to
  2. If already registered as an eBook user, sign in with your current eBooks login details, otherwise register as a new user as outlined in step 3 - 5
  3. To register click No, Register
  4. Fill out the form as outlined below
  5. Click Sign Up
  6. Select your local school from the drop down, then click Next
  7. Enter your unique code for your free eBook into the form shown below
    (Please note that the code uses 4 letters with a dash (-) in the middle and then 4 more letters)
  8. Once the code is correct the name of your book will be displayed
  9. To add more than one book, click Add more and repeat steps 7-9
  10. If a code is invalid or not entered properly, an error message will be displayed, check the code and try again
  11. If a code has already been activated a different error message will be displayed
  12. To complete the process, click Redeem
  13. The final screen will show the redeemed books also includes a link to the app of your choice, just click/tap to download to your device
  14. Log into the app using the details that you used to redeem your free eBooks, click here for details of how to access the app relevant to you
  15. Then download your free eBook by tapping the book icon on your bookshelf
  16. For any support issues please contact Folens Customer Support or consult the support sections here.
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