Is it possible to get FolensOnline digital content on a CD or USB stick?

It is not possible to put digital content from FolensOnline onto a CD, DVD or USB memory stick due to a number of reasons:

  1. Each resource requires specialised computer software to permit a user to run the digital resources. These are only installed on the computer servers used to power the online resources and can't be installed on any removable media due to their highly complex requirements.
  2. The size of the resources are such that the resources for one book could require 20-30 CDs to transfer all of the digital resources, but they would not work without the special server software required to run when not connected to the internet.
  3. Copyright restrictions for the digital resources mean that some of the resources are explicitly prohibited from being made available on any other format other than online.

Due to these considerations, it is not possible to supply CDs of any digital resources available on FolensOnline.

Please also not that due to copyright restrictions, it is not possible to make online digital resources available to schools outside of the Republic of Ireland.

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