How to delete and re-download student ebooks

Occasionally users may have to delete books to clear corrupted data or for other reasons. This set of instructions demonstrates how to remove books from the bookshelf of the Folens eReader app, for iOS.

Please note that any synchronised notes and highlighting will be available after a few minutes once you download them again to your app.

  1. Open Folens eReader app
  2. Tap Manage Books

  3. Tap Delete Book to delete the affected book

  4. Tap Yes and wait until it clears

  5. Tap Close

  6. Tap on the affected book to re-download again.


If, for whatever reason, this does not resolve an issue that you are encountering, deleting and re-installing the Folens Post-Primary eReader app should fix any problems.

We are always on-hand and more than happy to help with any queries that you might have. Please do not hesitate in submitting a support request (click/tap the link on the top-right corner of this screen, or click here).

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