Creating & managing assignments

It is possible to easily create new assignments for your students direct from your dashboard. Please note that assignments are only valid for students currently enrolled to your classroom at the time of assignment creation. We recommend that you create your first assignment after you have fully enrolled all of your students to your BuildUp classroom.

1. Click/tap on either the big Assignments button on your Classroom Dashboard, or the button on the Navigation Pane.

2. Click/tap Create New Assignment.

3. Name the assignment, e.g. 'Halloween Assignment' and choose start & end dates that suit.

4. You can set assignments for your whole class, or selected individuals, if you wish. Use the tabs to toggle this option.

5. Select a topic, e.g. Probability. You can let BuildUp pick concepts for you (the 'Auto' tab) or you can select the concepts you wish to assign to your students ('Select concepts(s)').

6. You can then send this assignment to your students by clicking/tapping Create assignment.

7. Your assignment will now be visible on your students' interface highlighted, regardless of which topic they are looking at.


How do I view an Assignment?

1. Click/tap on Assignments as above.

2. Select an assignment by clicking.tapping the highlighted area as below.

3. Here you can look at the assignement information such as what concepts were set and who has completed it, and more. You can also delete it by clicking/tapping Delete.


Students see a detailed progress bar on their screen- showing them exactly how much of their assignment they have passed. They have a start button directing them to their assignment, and BuildUp will only tell them that an assignment is complete when they have passed all relevant concepts.

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