Why should I download the new Folens Post-Primary eReader App?

Folens recently launched a new app with improved functionality for iOS and Windows devices. 

Click here to download your new app by selecting the relevant device.

The information below detail how the different eBook apps appear on the iOS app store.

Folens eReader (2015)

Folens eBooks for Junior Cert (2014)

 ereader-2015.png  ebooks-2014.png
  • Both apps can be used on any device
  • The old 2014 app as a direct link on the home screen to the new 2015 app on the app store, see below.



There are some points to note:

  1. Your notes are not transferrable from the old device to the new device, so you will have to continue to save notes on both apps
  2. You can continue to have access to both apps on your device
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