How to use Folens templates for teaching plans?

folensonline can help teachers to prepare personalised lesson plans using a template available on the website.

You can copy and paste material into the template from the website’s set teaching plans, which are available in PDF format within the resources section of the Teacher’s Manuals. To do this, use the following steps:

  1. Open a Fortnightly Plan in a Teacher’s Manual, in this example the Reading Zone 2nd Class Fortnightly Plan.
    (Click here to see how to access Teacher’s Manuals.)
  2. Sometimes you need to rotate a PDF document to make it easier to view.
  3. To rotate a PDF, click View -> Rotate View, and then select Clockwise or Counterclockwise.copy_2.png
  4. Use your mouse to select the appropriate text by left clicking and dragging across the text.copy_3.png
  5. Then right click on your mouse and select Copy. (Click here to see a YouTube video on how to copy and paste text.)copy_4.png
  6. Then open the folensonline Suggested Fortnightly Plans template. This is a PowerPoint file that you can download here.copy_5.png
  7. Select the appropriate position to place the text on the template, in this example you are completing the Assessment section. Right click on your mouse and select Paste.copy_6.png
  8. The text that you pasted then appears in the template.copy_7.png
  9. You can edit the text by making it a different font size or colour, just like editing text in any other document. 
    To save your new personalised fortnightly plan, click the Save icon on the top left corner.copy_8.png
  10. Select a file name and location for your fortnightly plan.copy_9.png
  11. Click Save to save your new fortnightly plan. copy_10.png
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