I need to clear my Internet Browser cache files

Important Notice for Science Fusion Users

For users with issues related to using FolensOnline Science Fusion, you will have to clear your global Flash settings for all browsers. make sure to complete Step one at least, and then if required continue with Step 2.

  1. Instructions for removing old flash files are available on this link.
  2. Users will also have to clear their temporary Internet Cache files by following the steps below.

This issue causes some users to continue to use old versions of web pages that are stored locally on their computer. This could result in the following situations:

  • Old versions of web pages not reloading
  • Still getting a message that you don't have access to online resources, when it has been updated correctly
  • Being returned to the login screen when trying to log in

Sometimes it is necessary to clear these files from your computer, a process known as clearing your web browser cache.

If you are unsure what browser you are using, click here to find out.

For step-by-step instructions on how to clear your web browser cache, click the link relevant to the browser you are using:Where 

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