Active Maths Supplement Information

Owing to a number of syllabus changes instigated by the Department of Education since 2012, it has been necessary to update each version of Active Maths.

The link at the end of this page (or click here) gives further detail about those changes.

These include:

  • ISBN to identify the different versions.
  • A small thumbnail to show the front covers of each version of the book & the year of publication, which is available on the inside cover.
  • The syllabus content & curriculum changes that were introduced for that version.
  • A direct link to the location of the particular version on FolensOnline (where available) where solution to these versions are available on FolensOnline in the resources section.
  • A direct link to the supplementary booklet associated with each version.

If you have any questions related to Active Maths content please submit a request to Folens Customer Support.

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