What and how can I favourite resources and books?

  • You can favourite the following items on folensonline:

    • programme (e.g. Life Biology)
    • An individual resource in a programme (e.g. a video, interactive activity or printable)
    • A lesson that you have created in folensonline
    • A resource which you have uploaded to My Resource Bank

    Your ten most recent favourites will appear on your dashboard. 

  • To favourite a programme, click the star ribbon on the programme page banner (top right).
  • The star ribbon turns yellow. This shows that the programme is now favourited.
  • You can also favourite a programme in your Library by clicking the star ribbon.
  • To favourite an individual resource, browse your list of resources. Click the star ribbon on the individual resource to favourite it. 
  • To favourite a lesson, click My Lessons. Click the star to the right of a lesson to favourite it. 
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