Using Folens digital language resources

FolensOnline can be accessed at

If you have a FolensOnline account click the Sign In button, if not click Register.

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The 'My Titles' section will show you ebooks and resources based on the subjects you teach. Edit your profile if you want to update this.

You can also search for resources using the search box at the top of your screen:


For our newest titles there are both ebooks (with embedded aural audio) and resources:

 bef1.png  aprendems.png

eBooks are very handy for going through the book in class. As well as that, there are over 150 audio tracks you can access within the ebook, signified by an audio (audiosymbol.png) symbol:


Resources include dialogues, monologues/comic strips, vocab posters, the Bingo game and more:


We hope you love these resources- if you need anything or have any questions please let us know. You can contact us using the Live Chat (help.png) feature at the bottom-right of your screen when logged in to FolensOnline, or feel free to email us at

NEW! - Now students can access aural tracks via podcasts- send them to where they can do the rest.

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