How to change class, subject and school on FolensOnline

If you're using a shared computer, make sure you are logged in using your own account. This will avoid any confusion and ensure that you can personalise FolensOnline to your requirements. See the video above for instructions on how to view or edit your profile.

To access FolensOnline resources, we ask for booklists to be sent in on a yearly basis- so that we can update your school's access, ensuring you do not miss out on any digital content relevant to the Folens schemes in use at your school. These can be submitted via our booklist upload facility.

Lastly, if booklists are sent to us, and you still do not have access, you may be registered under a different school. To check this, you can see your profile and which school you are registered under at the top-right corner of your screen:


The above video outlines how this can be edited. As always- feel free to contact us here should you have any further questions where we will be more than happy to help you.

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