How can I take a screenshot on a computer?

Anyone can take a quick picture of what is on a computer screen at any time. This is known as "taking a screenshot". A screenshot is just a quick snapshot of what is visible on a screen at a particular instant.

They can be particularly useful for communicating technical issues to support technicians in an email or for inclusion in presentations or training material.

To take a screenshot on a Windows PC, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open the program or window where you wish to take a screenshot.
  2. Press the PrtScn/SysRq button on your keyboard. This places the contents of the screenshot into your computer’s memory.
  3. Click the start menu, and go to All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint.printscreen_2.png
  4. Once the Paint program opens, either press Ctrl+V on the keyboard or click on the Paste button.printscreen_3.png
    The contents of the screenshot are copied from your computer’s memory into the Paint program.
  5. To save the file to disk, click on the Save icon or press Ctrl+S.printscreen_4.png
  6. Enter an appropriate name for the screenshot. Select the file type png or jpg and click Save.printscreen_5.png
  7. The screenshot is saved to your computer and you can now insert it in emails or presentations.

    This link describes how to take a screenshot with other devices:


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